Ingersoll Rand and GHH Rand Airends and Rebuild Kits

NCA Canada, as the authorized distributor of Ingersoll Rand (and GHH) Airends in Canada, supplies all types of airends and their spare parts, including rebuild kits, used in many mobile air compressors and drilling rigs worldwide.

Ingersoll Rand Airends and Parts for Drilling and Mining Applications

Most drilling and mining applications require mobile or portable compressed air. Low pressure air is typically needed for pneumatic hammers, breakers, mole and rock drilling applications, internal vibrators and suction excavators, while high pressure air is used for pneumatic Down-The-Hole (DTH) drill rigs, sand blasting, soda and dry ice blasting, concrete conveying or spraying, fiber optic cable blowing, piling and many more applications.

Ingersoll Rand (GHH) airend models used in drilling and mining applications include the following oil-injected airends with a volume range of 254 to 4,096 SCFM :

  • CF75G, CF90G5, OS110R, OS110G, CF128G, CF128HG, CF128R, CF1000H, CF180G2, IR178.5, IR226, CE177G, HR 2.0, HR 2.5, IR285, CE224G, IR2x285

These airends are used in Ingersoll Rand and many other drill rig manufacturers including Atlas Copco, Reichdrill and TMBohrtechnik (Now RTDrill)

Some of the drill rig models with IR (GHH) airends include:

  • DM series (DM25, DM30, DM45, DM50, DML, DMH, DM-M3 etc.)
  • ECM series (ECM350, ECM370, ECM470, ECM490, ECM580, ECM585, ECM590, ECM600, ECM660, ECM670, CM672, ECM690, ECM720, CM760D, CM780D etc.)
  • Pit Viper series (PV-235, PV-270, PV-271, PV-275, PV-311, PV351 etc.)
  • RTDrill Rigs (RTD20, RTD25, RTD28, RTD32, RTD45, RTD55, RTD70, RTD75)
  • Others

These airends are also used in IR and many other manufacturer’s portable air compressors.

High performance of compressor airend is critical for the efficiency and cost effectiveness of drilling applications. Therefore, if the volume or pressure of air reduces significantly due to wear, it may be the time to replace your airend.

Ingersoll Rand Airends and Parts for Construction Applications

In demanding environments, like the construction market, reliable machines and tools that comply with high engineering standards are needed to provide optimum performance, high efficiency and long life.

IR airend models used in air compressors for construction applications include the following oil-injected and oil-free airends with a volume range of 92 to 2,207 SCFM:

  • CE55RW, CF75D8, CF75G, CF90D4, CF90G5, OS110R, OS110G, CF128G, OS163R, CF180R, CF180G2, IR178.5, IR226, CE177G, HR 2.0, HR 2.5, IR285, CE224G and Oil-Free models CD4D VSD, CD8D, CD14D, CD26D.

Please view below the airend model’s specifications and contact our head office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.


Ingersoll Rand Airend Model Min Volume (SCFM) Max Volume (SCFM) Max Pressure (PSIG)
CE55RW 10 92 210
CF75D8 35.3 222 232
CF75G 46 254 232
CF90D4 71 360 232
CF90G5 71 360 232
OS110R 88 512 232
OS110G 88 512 232
CF128G 141 742 232
CF128HG 141 742 261
CF128R 141 742 232
CF1000H 194 1059 522
OS163R 211 1165 232
CF180R 265 1483 232
CF180G2 265 1483 232
IR178.5 303 642.7 194.3
IR226 448.5 1246 217.5
CE177G 459 1289 203
HR2.0 494 953.5 362.6
HR2.5 600 1271 362.6
IR285 706 2165 194.3
CE224G 706 2207 203
IR2x285 1412 4096 169.7
CD4D-VSD (Oil-Free) 107 258.7 167
CD8D (Oil-Free) 187 448.5 181
CD14D (Oil-Free) 466 900.5 167
CD26D (Oil-Free) 844 1711 181